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For donation drop off, visit the shelter anytime during shelter hours.  Masks required please.

COVID-19 update:

If you are interesting in adopting an animal, please complete an adoption application and we will get back to you within 48 hours to set up an appointment. We are scheduling appointments every day between 12p - 3p. Masks are required to enter our shelter.

I HOPE this finds you well and taking care of yourself and your family. 

During this very difficult time, it’s hard to ask for funds. But if you have any extra money to donate to support people on the front line, please remember that animal shelter staff are also on the front lines.


Shelter staff have to go in everyday to make sure the cats and dogs are taken care of. These people are essential and the HOPE staff is extraordinary. There are only 3 people rotating their days so the animals always have coverage. They come in every day to feed, medicate and clean, doing their best to keep a normal routine to alleviate stress...and they never complain. 


Just last month HOPE Animal Shelter was given sanctuary status by the American Sanctuary Association. Why? Because we have many animals that may never find forever homes. Whether it is for medical reasons or behavior or age, it’s why we are here. That is one of the reasons the staff works so hard to make sure the animals know they are loved.


We need to keep a roof over their heads, keep them fed, clean and enriched. We cannot run our sanctuary without your help.





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Meet   Daffodil

Daffodil is a very friendly affectionate previous mama. We believe she is around three years old and is a Terrier mix. She came into the rescue as an owner surrender, where the owner could no longer care for her. Since being in a foster home Daffodil "Daffy" has blossomed. She is incredibly smart and all she wants to do is cuddle. She is potty trained, likes her kennel, and is great on a leash.

Daffodil's favorite activities are lounging on the couch with her foster humans, cuddling, playing with her four legged housemates, and chewing on her favorite bone. She is friendly with all people and children, as well as, dogs of all sizes. She has also been around cats and did well, but she would require a proper introduction into any cat friendly household.


HOPE for the Future

More than a decade ago the founders of HOPE recognized the need for a shelter that could offer more than a short term space for some of Tucson's highest risk pets. An elderly dog who lost their owner to hospice, a cat with diabetes, a litter of puppies with parvo. Pets that were and are savable but needed a different environment and more time than a municipal shelter could provide.

There was a need and HOPE stepped in to fill it! Many of those pets have found forever homes that understand their special needs. Some now call HOPE their permanent home! 


As HOPE moves into the future one of our goals is to continue our dedication to those animals, that might just need a bit more, Your monthly contributions are the key to our success!


You keep us running!  

Did you know HOPE Animal Shelter was Tucson's first no-kill shelter and sanctuary for dogs and cats? 

Give HOPE to an animal through a monthly sponsorship

Your monthly sponsorship of HOPE animals supports our ongoing commitment to some of Southern Arizona's most at risk pets. At HOPE we have found sometimes a couch and a cat bed go a long way to building trust and putting pets with special needs on a path to healing. 

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