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Give an animal HOPE.

We are a 501(c)3 organization 

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Meet Rocky

Rocky is a big boy but don't let his size fool you, he is a lap dog!  He’s a goofball who likes to ride in trucks, eat ice cream, and has never met a stranger! One of HOPE's volunteers met him while she was rescuing other dogs at a shelter near the border. Each time she walked by he would come over to say hi but each time she had to leave him. He was too big for most rescues, looked too rough, too "pit bullish" (he is a 5 year old American Bulldog), and had open sores on his neck. On the day he was scheduled to be euthanized, HOPE came to his rescue!   Now he's all fixed up and looking for a family of his own! 

HOPE for the Future

More than a decade ago the founders of HOPE recognized the need for a shelter that could offer more than a short term space for some of Tucson's highest risk pets. An elderly dog who lost their owner to hospice, a cat with diabetes, a litter of puppies with parvo. Pets that were and are savable but needed a different environment and more time that a municipal shelter could provide.

There was a need and HOPE stepped in to fill it! Many of those pets have found forever homes that understand their special needs. Some now call HOPE their permanent home! 


As HOPE moves into the future one of our goals is to continue our dedication to those animals, that might just need a bit more, Your monthly contributions are the key to our success!


You keep us running!  

Did you know HOPE Animal Shelter was Tucson's first no-kill shelter and sanctuary for dogs and cats? 

Give HOPE to an animal through a monthly sponsorship

Your monthly sponsorship of HOPE animals supports our ongoing commitment to some of Southern Arizona's most at risk pets. At HOPE we have found sometimes a couch and a cat bed go a long way to building trust and putting pets with special needs on a path to healing. 

HOPE is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization

Featured Animals

Lana and Duke have a very special story.


They were adopted together from HOPE 11 years ago as puppies. Their daddy is enlisted in the US military. As an active duty serviceman he was recently stationed overseas. Not knowing when, or if, he would be coming home, he turned to HOPE to take care of his 'kids'!


He would love for them to find a family to spend their golden years with! They are the sweetest, most fun loving dogs. Their energy belies their age. Duke always has a toy in his mouth and Lana just wants to get and give kisses and they both love running around in the yard. Lana and Duke are healthy and happy pups.