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Laura Harder was born to a military family and moved all over the world and United States growing up.  She landed in Tucson during her junior year of high school where her family retired and settled.   

Working as an Account Executive in the Insurance Field, she manages, services and markets large commercial accounts in the Hospitality, Construction and Non Profit/Social Service Industries.  In addition to serving as Secretary on the Hope Board of Directors, Laura has served as both a past Vice President and President of the local chapter of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Arizona.  She helped coordinate fundraising events and scheduled monthly meeting speakers in addition to coordinating continuing education for the local agents and brokers in Southern Arizona.


Laura has a strong passion for helping animals.  She grew up in a family that had pets consisting of dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and turtles.  She is an active foster home for the Hope Animal Shelter dogs and has helped place over 20 dogs in loving homes during the last year.  Laura also fosters kittens for Southern Arizona Cat Rescue.  In additional to raising an 11 year old son, she is currently mom to four dogs, Bella, Joey, Simone and Presley (two of which were foster fails) and three cats, KC, Sushi and Fenix.

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Shiloh is a midwestern girl who spent her early years roaming the wheat fields of Kansas with two great danes. If you ask her if she was raised by wolves she'll tell you "Kind of"  Always an animal lover at thirteen she started volunteering at Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita and was instantly hooked. When she turned eighteen she was hired full time at the zoo. Eventually becoming interested in exotic animal medicine she has worked as a veterinary technician in dog and cat, exotic animal and wildlife clinics. 

In 1999 while teaching wildlife rehabilitation techniques at the El Dorado Correction Facility Shiloh attended a conference in Tucson as part of her federal license requirements. It was love at first hike. A year later she had moved to the desert and started work at Reid Park Zoo. Her love of wildlife conservation would lead her to legislative work as Outreach Coordinator for Defenders of Wildlife.

Shiloh began her work at HOPE nearly a decade ago as the Shelter Manager and now serves on the Board. 

Shiloh currently works in the grant department of the Center for Biological Diversity and serves as the Assistant Director of Forever Wild Avian Sanctuary. She and her boyfriend own a small organic produce home delivery service.

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