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For immediate release: September 10, 2021


HOPE Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Announces a New Program to Help Save At-Risk Dogs


Through the years, HOPE Animal Shelter & Sanctuary has worked with the Santa Cruz County Animal Control (SCCAC) in Nogales, Arizona, to place dogs at risk of euthanasia because of space constraints. Despite the hard work of the dedicated staff of SCCAC to place these animals, they are forced to make difficult decisions about euthanasia because of limited kennels and limited local resources.


For these reasons, HOPE has developed the Precious Time Dogs (PTD) program to help place these dogs in the care of qualified rescues and increase the number of lives saved.

Recognizing that some of the dogs merely need additional time to find an appropriate rescue, HOPE volunteers work with the SCCAC to find temporary homes until a forever home can be found. Together, they identify dogs at risk and begin to network them to qualified rescues in Arizona and, if needed, surrounding states. Once a rescue organization is found, the dog is pulled from SCCAC under HOPE Animal Shelter’s PTD program. The dogs receive initial vaccines, a heartworm and tick-fever test, deworming, and a microchip. The dogs are then transported to the qualified rescue. Due to the very limited resources of many of our rescue partners, dogs who test positive for tick fever and/or heartworm are treated prior to transfer. A signed medical waiver and proof of sterilization is required. If a rescue is not found, the most vulnerable for euthanasia are placed with our PTD foster volunteers or, space permitting, at HOPE Animal Shelter & Sanctuary while we network with rescues. All dogs without an assigned rescue organization are placed on the HOPE website and made available for adoption.

Precious Time Dogs is an all-volunteer program funded by grants and private donations.

For more information or to make a donation, contact HOPE Founder and Director Susan Scherl at or 520-792-9200.

You also can go directly to the HOPE donation page.


HOPE Animal Shelter & Sanctuary is celebrating its 15th year and is Tucson’s first no-kill shelter for both cats and dogs. Recently, HOPE became Tucson’s first accredited member of the American Sanctuary Association for both cats and dogs.


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