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To meet the needs of all animals in our care.


Our life-saving no-kill mission is to reduce the suffering of homeless cats and dogs by providing them a compassionate, enriching environment, appropriate medical care and loving, permanent homes.


Did you know HOPE Animal Shelter & Sanctuary was Tucson's first no-kill shelter and sanctuary for dogs and cats? 

More than a decade ago the founders of HOPE recognized the need for a shelter that could offer more than a short-term space for some of Tucson's highest risk pets. An elderly dog who lost their owner to hospice, a cat with diabetes, a litter of puppies with parvo. Pets that were and are savable but needed a different environment and more time than a municipal shelter could provide.

There was a need and HOPE stepped in to fill it! Many of those pets have found forever homes that understand their special needs. Some now call HOPE their permanent home! 


As HOPE moves into the future one of our goals is to continue our dedication to those animals, that might just need a bit more, Your monthly contributions are the key to our success!


You keep us running!  

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