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Cat on Green


Our health and living space made us give up our pet cat of 8 years. It was a hard thing to do for my wife and I.

I read every review of every shelter in Tucson before driving to Hope. Although it was beyond hours, Susan greeted us, answered questions, and, in reality,  comforted both of us. She also offered any help she could give to our situation.

Indecision kept us busy for two more weeks, but decision made, we called her.

She and a volunteer came on a Sunday and collected our surplus and our cat, taking time from her weekend to let us say goodbye, assuring his care, and thanking us for the privilege of being able to help.

Fantastic, caring organization. We are indebted, and will be in their support list for a long time.

If you are searching for a new furry friend, give them a call. You'll leave with a good feeling of meeting the people as well as the friend I hope you'll meet there and bring home.


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