Hope Fosters

Did you hear the news? We're starting a foster program!

HOPE Animal Shelter is thrilled to announce a new program called HOPE Fosters.


This program will continue our mission to save lives and will allow us to expand further into the community. The HOPE Fosters program will enable us to save more dogs in Tucson and the surrounding communities by placing dogs in need into loving foster homes.


And we need your help! We are asking for donations to get us started. All donations are tax-deductible and will go directly towards medical care and supplies for the dogs in the program. You can donate today at PayPal.Me/HOPEfosters

Interested in fostering or volunteering? Email us at hopefostersaz@gmail.com and we would be happy to give you more information.

Together we can foster HOPE!

What's so great about fostering a dog?

Easy - the unbelievable dog love you get for your effort.

  • Fostering gives a dog a second chance at life by getting them out of a shelter, and also saves another dog who may not have lived unless a place in a shelter became available for them.

  • Fostering a dog is a wonderful, life-affirming project for the entire family

  • Fostering a dog costs next to nothing.

  • Fostering a dog is fun, rewarding and meaningful.

  • Fostering can be done anywhere - in a city or suburb, a house or apartment.

  • Fostering a dog can take place whenever you are ready.

  • Fostering a dog offers the company of canines to those unable to make a long-term commitment.

What is involved in fostering?

  • HOPE provides a crate, dog food, vaccines, alters, microchips, and any other medical necessities required under your care.

  • The length of the fostering experience can vary from one week for an adult dog, if they get adopted right away and 10-14 days for puppies.

  • You can ask for a dog who fits your lifestyle and home environment – puppies, small dogs, big dogs, older dogs, different energy levels, shedding levels and more.

  • You can foster when it's convenient for you - over summer vacation, a long holiday or whenever.

  • It's fine if you already have a dog, as long as your dog and the foster dog are both healthy and well behaved around other dogs.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Fill out the Foster Application online

Step 2: Have a phone call with the Foster Coordinator.

Step 3: Have a home visit with one of our trained volunteers.

Step 4: Meet us at a shelter transport arrival or adoption event and take your HOPE foster dog.

HOPE's Commitment to You and Your Foster Dog

  • We provide routine and emergency medical care at one of our fantastic partner vets...at no cost to you.

  • We provide essential supplies, including food and crates

  • We let the world know that your HOPE foster dog is looking for a permanent home by posting him or her on multiple websites.

  • We hold adoption events every weekend - a great way to find loving homes for your foster dogs.

  • Our network of volunteers are here to answer questions, screen potential adopters, help transport your dog when you are unable, and do anything we can to make fostering a great experience!

Your Commitment to Your HOPE Foster Dog

  • You provide daily care for your HOPE foster.

  • You provide unconditional love and affection.

  • You bring your foster to at least two adoption events a month.

  • You help your adoption coordinator by providing up-to-date information and photos of your foster pet. And, if you'd like, you can participate in screening potential adopters and marketing your foster dog or cat for adoption.

  • Most importantly, you let us know if you need help!

Click the button below to get started!

We can't wait to hear from you. 

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